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How to lodge the notice of disposal?

Car disposal is essential in many countries. It is crucial to protect the environment. As the car becomes old, you may want to buy a new car or sell it to someone else. You can also go to a company that disposes of old cars, such as Cash for Cars Brisbane. For disposing of the car, you can lodge a notice for disposal. Let us understand this in detail in the blog.

Lodging A Notice Of Disposal

The legal or administrative process of disposing of a vehicle or property is referred to as lodging a notice of disposal. In this process, the person who is selling the car notifies the concerned authorities about the sale or transfer of an asset. 

You should know when it is the right time to sell your car. To sell or dispose of your vehicle, you need to inform the relevant government authority, such as the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMC), that you are selling or disposing of your old car. It is important for various reasons.

Why Is It Important To Lodge A Notice Of Disposal?

  • Ownership Transfer: Lodging a notice of disposal helps to transfer your vehicle to the new buyer legally. This helps you to free yourself from any liabilities associated with your vehicle after sales. You can consult with the new buyer or Cash for Cars Logan about the transfer of ownership.
  • Protects You From Liabilities: By lodging the notice of disposal, you will be protected from any fines, penalties, or legal action taken against your vehicle after you have sold it.
  • Insurance: By showing this notice, you can cancel the insurance you took on the vehicle. It prevents you from being liable for any accident after it is sold.
  • Records: It helps in record maintenance. It ensures that the new owner is properly registered as a new owner of the vehicle in the government records. 

Ensure that you sell the car properly and know how to get your car’s true value through honest pricing. You can sell your old car to Cash for Cars in Brisbane, as they will help you get the right price for your car.

How To Lodge A Notice Of Disposal?

In Australia, to lodge the notice of disposal, you need to follow the steps mentioned below. These include:

  • Collect Documents: You need to collect the necessary documents, such as the registration number of the vehicle, its identification number, date of sale, and other documents. Ensure that the buyer gets proper details, such as their name, address, identity proof, etc. 
  • Fill Out Disposal Form: You can get the disposal form from a relevant transport or government authority. It can also be downloaded from their website or collected from their local branch. Carefully fill out the correct information in the form.
  • Submit the Form: After filling the application, submit it to the relevant authority either online or by mail. Submit the form with all information and documents required. Also, if selling to Cash for cars Logan, provide their information and documents with the application. 
  • Pay Fees: Different states and territories might have different fees. Pay the fees associated with lodging the notice of disposal.
  • Update Your Insurance: The last step is to inform your insurance company of the sale or disposal of your car. They will need a copy of confirmation from the relevant authority as proof of disposal. 

You must keep the records with you safely as proof, as you may require them in the future. 


Whenever you are disposing of your car, ensure to lodge a notice of disposal as it is for your benefit. Failing to do so can result in fines or penalties because you may be legally liable for your vehicle. Sell your old car to cash for cars or other buyers with proper paperwork. Follow the steps provided in the blog when lodging a notice of disposal.